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Fact Sheets


  • Agent Orange: A Personal Requiem. Masako Sakata’s story of a Vietnam visit after her husband died from cancer believed to be caused by his exposure to Agent Orange. (2006)
  • Agent Orange: Thirty Years Later. Written and Directed by John Trinh. Tells the story of several victims of Agent Orange exposed when it was sprayed during the war. (2008, 56 mins.)
  • A Story from the Corner of the Park. Directed by Tran Van Thuy. The story of a Vietnamese family in Hanoi whose children are believed affected by Agent Orange. (1996, 50 mins.)
  • Battle’s Poison Cloud. Directed by Cecile Trijssenaar of Tambuti Films. Examines the birth defects issue and recent scientific research, including studies by Hatfield Consultants Ltd. (2003)
  • Da Cam. A Vietnamese-American, Vu Tran, returns to Vietnam to document the stories of those believed to have been affected by Agent Orange. (2005)
  • The Friendship Village. Directed by Michelle Mason. Award-winning documentary about international veterans who built a village in Vietnam for disabled children. (2002, 50 mins.)
  • Last Ghost of War. Directed by Janet Gardner. Vietnamese plaintiffs file a class action suit against chemical companies that produced Agent Orange. (2008)
  • Through Their Eyes. Directed by Jackee Chang. Black Bag Productions. (2010, 74 mins.)
  • Vietnam: The Secret Agent. Directed by Jacki Ochs. The first comprehensive look at dioxin. (1983)


  • Buckingham, William: Operation Ranch Hand – the Air Force and Herbicides in Southeast Asia 1961-1971. Office of Air Force History, US Air Force, Washington, DC 1982.
  • Gough, Michael: Dioxin, Agent Orange: The Facts. Plenum Publishing Corporation; (April 1986)
  • Griffiths, Philip Jones: Agent Orange: Collateral Damage in Viet Nam. Collection of photos and essays on impacts of Agent Orange in Vietnam and Cambodia. Trolley Books, 2003.
  • National Academy of Sciences: Veterans and Agent Orange Update 2008. Comprehensive evaluation of scientific and medical information on the health effects of exposure to Agent Orange and other herbicides used in Vietnam. 2009. (Also bi-annual updates starting in 1996)
  • Wilcox, Fred A.: Waiting for an Army to Die: The Tragedy of Agent Orange. Seven Locks Press (October 1989)
  • Young, Alvin: The History, Use, Disposition and Environmental Fate of Agent Orange. Springer (April 2009). The U.S. Deputy Undersecretary of Defense (Installations and Environment) commissioned this book to document the fate of Agent Orange/dioxin.

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